Get Fit with 5!

It's time to "Get Fit With 5!" Americans should focus on eating 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day to improve their health. The Produce for Better Health Foundation wants you to join in this national effort.

"Get Fit With 5," features the best of both worlds- diet and exercise. You can get involved in this nationwide effort promoting 5 A Day and 30 minutes of daily exercise. National and regional supermarket promotions, fun runs and walks, contests, and educational seminars will encourage consumers to "Take The 5 A Day Challenge!" Keep an eye out for 5 A Day activities near you.

Check out these pages to "Get Fit With 5!":

How to Get Fit With 5
Take The Challenge
Get Fit With 5 Health Tips
5 A Day  Recipes
Get Fit With 5 brochure and poster
"What is a Serving Chart?"

Want to see if you are eating 5 A Day and exercising 30 minutes each day?


Fruits and vegetables are nature's Original Fast Food. A box of raisins, some grapes, carrot sticks, or some red and green pepper sticks make quick 5 A Day snacks.


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