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On a mission to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables to an average of 5 or more servings a day to improve the health of Americans through a partnership among the health community, government agencies, the fruit and vegetable industry, and other private sectors.

Educating Americans. Children and adults are learning about eating more fruits and vegetables. Consumer awareness of 5 A Day increased from 8 percent in 1991 to 39 percent by 1997. Find out about American's eating behavior.

Promoting all fruits and vegetables. The 5 A Day program is the nation's largest public/private partnership and the only initiative promoting all produce.

Selling more produce. Studies show 5 A Day promotions increase fruit and vegetable sales in stores.

Improving our nation's health. Average fruit and vegetable consumption increased half a serving from 3.9 servings a day in 1991, when the 5 A Day program began, to 4.4 servings by 1994. Click here to view our "What Is A Serving?" chart.

Reaching out to Americans. Special events like National 5 A Day Week spread the word about eating more fruits and vegetables.

Ready to work with you to promote the 5 A Day message. You can participate in the many 5 A Day promotions, programs, special events, and other activities.

More information about 5 A Day email us at [email protected]

Did you know that eating 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day may help reduce the risk of cancer? Fruits and vegetables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors.

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