About 5 A Day

PBH Staff here to help your 5 A Day efforts succeed!

      Do you have a question about Health, Nutrition, the 5 A Day program, or are you just curious about how eating
    5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables can really improve your quality of life?  Ask our experts!  Click on the names of Produce for Better Health Foundation's staff members to email them your inquiries.

Health and Nutrition

Elizabeth Pivonka, Ph.D., R.D., President, 302-235-2329, ext.15, [email protected]  Information on nutrition, fruits and vegetables, and research. Consumer press inquiries.



Claudia Wenzing, Vice President of Development, 302-235-2329, ext. 20, [email protected]  Information on becoming a Foundation corporate donor, sponsorship opportunities, membership, and other development programs.

Frances Taccone Griffith, Ph.D., R.D., Director of Development, 302-235-2329, ext. 17, [email protected]  Fundraising and grant writing to tap new sources of funding beyond the produce industry, focusing on development of health industry, and foundation & corporate partners through programs like the 5 A Day National Excellence Award program.

Suzanne Denver, Membership Manager, 302-235-2329, ext. 21, [email protected]  Information on becoming a licensed member, licensed use of the logo, and membership status inquiries. Approval of materials or programs developed using 5 A Day, review of materials, programs, or text under development.

Rebecca Elzey, Development Coordinator, 302-235-2329, ext. 22, [email protected]  Development related information such as licensing, membership, planning/organizing Foundation dinner/auction, soliciting prospects for special events, and performing donor research. 

Andrea Hughes, Database Assistant, 302-235-2329, ext. 28, [email protected]  Address/Contact information changes to our mailing list, to request a 5 A Day catalog, or sign up for the online 5 A Day News newsletter.



Barbara Berry, M.S., R.D.,  Vice President of Programs, 302-235-2329, ext. 24, [email protected]  Oversight of all Retail, Communications, and Foodservice 5 A Day Programs; plus consumer press inquiries; background on 5 A Day National Consumer Column; and health/nutrition information.


Christine Filardo, M.S., R.D., Manager of Nutrition Communications, 302-235-2329, ext. 29, [email protected]  Provides information, research, and educational materials to the consumer press, health professionals, and consumers concerning nutrition related information and Foundation activities.

Retail Marketing

Amy Bielicki, Vice President of Marketing, 302-235-2329, ext. 19, [email protected]  Information on retail,  promotional, marketing, and cross-promotion partnership opportunities.


Public Relations

Lori Baer, Manager of Public Relations and Production, 302-235-2329, ext. 18, [email protected] Trade press inquiries, information on national communications activities, and industry communications activities.

Sarah Blair, Production Coordinator, 302-235-2329, ext. 31, [email protected]   Information on Foundation publications, including the 5 A Day Catalog, the Foundation's Annual Report, and Kids Activity Sheets; inquiries about the 5 A Day website content; requests for Foundation and 5 A Day graphics; and general production needs.

Public Relations Assistant, 302-235-2329, Information on 5 A Day News newsletter, A Campaign for Better Health's newsletter Good News, press requests for photos and graphics, and changes or additions to Foundation's press list.


Finance/Human Resources/Administration

Carol Munsch, Vice President of Finance and Administration, 302-235-2329, ext. 14, [email protected]  Questions regarding the Foundation's finance, human resources, accounts payable, and administrative policies.

Terri Brady, Marketing Associate, 302-235-2329, ext. 30, [email protected]  Processes orders from 5 A Day Catalog for promotional products, educational materials, and posters/brochures. Questions regarding the Foundation's accounts receivable.  


Information Systems

Robert Webb, Website / Systems Administrator, 302-235-2329, ext. 33, [email protected] 
Maintains Foundation network, phone system, and computer equipment (hardware and software).
Administrator of the 5 A Day website.


General 5 A Day Information

Donate Brown, Executive Assistant, 302-235-2329, ext. 12, [email protected]  General information on 5 A Day, PBH office management, processing orders from 5 A Day catalog, and coordinating Foundation Board of Directors meetings.

Receptionist, 302-235-2329, ext.10, [email protected]  General information on 5 A Day and general office duties.

Catalog & Warehouse Operations

Steve Wilcox, Director of Catalog Business and Warehouse Operations, 302-894-1066, [email protected]  Control of warehouse and distribution, inventory control, sales and marketing, overseeing the order taking process and overall planning/evaluating/reporting on the catalog business.

Chanelle White, Catalog Product Coordinator, 1-888-391-2100, [email protected]  Processes orders from 5 A Day Catalog for promotional products, educational materials, and posters/brochures. 

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Try tossing fruit into your green salads. Oranges, grapefruit, or nectarine slices add extra flavor to your 5 A Day salad.