Producer organisation EU negotiations
The EU Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Regime provides, amongst other things,
funding for Producer Organisations.  The aim of such funding is to increase
their (i) competitiveness in the market place; (ii)improve the quality,
marketing & end value of their produce and (iii) encourage the use of
environmental growing techniques.   The Commission are currently undertaking
a review of the arrangements for the PO scheme.  [At this moment in time the
scale of the review is not known].  Although the rules on what a PO can fund are relatively flexible, the UK has suggested that under the list of items
eligible for expenditure, there should be a reference to POs being able to
obtain funding for measures which are related /allow them to take part in
National health or nutritional initiatives.  A clarification of the rules
covering promotional activity will also be sought.  other delegates may wish to discuss with their Agriculture Departments to see if they could support these suggestions.