The WA Fruit n Veg campaign is a comprehensive social marketing campaign utilising a range of strategies. It has focused on a number of different target groups, including adults, parents and children, and has been conducted over the past 10 years. Strategies include a mass media umbrella which raises community awareness and provides a focus for all other activities

A range of settings have been targeted to promote the fruit and veg message including schools, catering outlets, worksites and GPs. As an example, schools Fruit n Veg Week is held each year. The Kids in the Kitchen Kit, which supports the Education Department of WA school curriculum framework, and has been distributed to all primary schools in the State.
We have enlisted the support of key stakeholders both statewide and nationally, including groups such as the fruit and vegetable industry and retailers.
A range of publications have been developed such as pamphlets and cookbooks to provide the general public with practical skills.
Community activities featuring the fruit and veg characters have been conducted across the state.