Produce for Better Health Foundation & Acosta Sales & Marketing Launch New 
                                                     Partnership to Promote 5 A Day

Anaheim, Calif. - The Produce for Better Health Foundation and Acosta Sales and Marketing, of Pleasanton, Calif., announce a partnership to spread the 5 A Day message to retailers and suppliers across the country. This partnership, made possible with help from the Kroger Co., of Cincinnati, Ohio, enables the Foundation to communicate 5 A Day marketing and merchandising strategies through Acosta's vast network of relationships with retailers and suppliers.

Acosta is a national leader in sales and marketing solutions, providing services to hundreds of manufacturers of consumer products. With more than 9,000 employees in 75 locations, Acosta provides a variety of services, including retail selling execution, marketing support, logistics, customer service, category management and order processing. 

"Acosta is extremely excited to be associated with the Produce for Better Health Foundation on a national level, said Brad Raffanti, vice president/director of produce for Acosta Sales and Marketing and a member of the Foundation's Board of Directors. "The organization and their message of 5 A Day is important to the produce industry and benefits the lives of all involved. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to assist them in getting their vision and message out to as many individuals as possible." 

"This really is a natural fit," said Elizabeth Pivonka, president of the Foundation. "Acosta Sales and Marketing services so many industry members, which creates a perfect opportunity for their team to educate customers about how to incorporate 5 A Day into their marketing plans. Through Acosta's efforts on our behalf, we can tap into an even greater segment of the produce industry, which strengthens the reach of 5 A Day. We look forward to partnering with Acosta to communicate 5 A Day strategies to more industry members."

During regular in-person sales meetings with retail produce buyers and merchandisers, Acosta will discuss how 5 A Day retail marketing efforts can boost produce sales. Acosta has an extensive list of contacts from a majority of the nation's retailers. In addition to personal visits, Acosta will include 5 A Day information and updates in its e-mail communications to its customers. Throughout, Acosta will emphasize the ease of use in implementing the 5 A Day Retail Marketing Program. 

"Acosta Sales and Marketing, a retail brokerage company, is well-connected with a substantial number of retailers and suppliers," said Reggie Griffin, director of produce for Kroger, of Cincinnati, Ohio, and chairman of the Foundation's Marketing Committee. "In support of the Produce for Better Health Foundation and our national 5 A Day Marketing programs, Acosta has agreed to keep produce buyers and merchandisers updated on 5 A Day activities and promotions on a daily basis. It's a perfect opportunity to champion the 5 A Day message and encourage participation from existing and potential 5 A Day licensed participants."

The Foundation's 5 A Day Retail Marketing Program offers licensed retailers a variety of resources, including: official 5 A Day promotional materials, 5 A Day Billboards, Children's Activity Sheets, recipe/tip cards on more than 75 commodities, customization, web-based marketing, in-store advertising, cross-promotions, loyalty card promotions, direct mail campaigns and more. The Foundation works with retailers and suppliers to integrate 5 A Day into their overall merchandising strategy.

"We thank Acosta for its generous support of 5 A Day," said Amy Bielicki, director of marketing for the Foundation. "This outstanding effort demonstrates that Acosta can be counted among the leaders in the industry for increasing visibility of 5 A Day. Together, the Foundation and Acosta can offer retailers and suppliers the latest ideas for how to increase sales and use 5 A Day as a marketing objective."

For more information about the Acosta partnership with the Foundation, contact Amy Bielicki, director of marketing, at the Foundation at 302-235-2329; ext. 19, fax to 302-235-5555, or e-mail to [email protected].  For more information on 5 A Day, contact the Produce for Better Health Foundation at 302-235-2329; fax: 302-235-5555; or check out  and