Steps for Ordering From Our Online Version of the Official 5 A Day Catalog

1.      On the homepage of click the catalog bar in the top right-hand corner of your screen or click a specific area beside the picture of the online catalog (located just below the website's header bar).

2.      Click on the catalog bar.  Pick one category listed to the right of the catalog icon.  For demonstration purposes let's assume you're planning an upcoming event and need to purchase items for that event.  You would like something highly visual that promotes fruits and vegetables.  Click on the promotional bar.  Once done, a listing of pictures with accompanying text and prices will appear.  Scroll down the page to see a picture, description and unit price for each item.

3.      You decide to order two banana crepe ornaments.  In the quantity box highlight the 1 already there and type in the number two (2).  Only the 2 should appear in the box.  Click on the triangle below the quantity box that says Add to cart.

4.      A description page of your running order will appear on a page titled Your Cart Contains.  Verify that the order item's name, picture, quantity, and price are correct.  Since you have other items to purchase click on the "Continue Shopping icon located beneath your chosen item(s) to return to the promotional page.

5.      Now you'd like to include a brochure as a handout for your event.  Scroll back to the top of the promotional page and click on the brochures and posters bar. 

6.      The brochures and posters page will appear.  As with the promotional page, pictures, descriptions and prices for each item will be displayed.  Scroll down until you find the brochure most suitable for your event.   You decide you'd like to order 300 (3packs) of the  5 A Day My Way brochure.  Highlight the number 1 in the box and type in the number three (3).  Click on the white triangle Add to Cart.  Let's assume you punched in the number four (4) by accident but have yet to realize it.

7.      The Your Cart Contains page appears.  Uh oh, you notice there's a four (4) instead of a three (3) for the brochure.  Click on the Remove box in the purchase/description line for the brochure.  The entire line is removed.  Click on Continue Shopping, return to the brochures and posters page and reorder the brochure using the correct number.

8.      Each item ordered, their extended price and the subtotal should appear on the Your Cart Contains page. 

9.      You decide this is enough for your event.  Beneath the subtotal click on  Check out. 

10.  The "Inspect your cart for checkout:" should appear.  Carefully review your order for accuracy.  If correct, proceed.    To the left of the cart inspection page is a question about your billing and shipping addresses.  Click on the appropriate answer to continue.  For our purposes we'll assume the answer is yes.

11.  Fill in all the fields.  To move from one field to the next hit the Tab key or use your mouse.  Do not use the Enter key.  If you accidentally hit the  Enter key, an alert message to complete your address will appear.  At this point click on OK and Continue.

12.  You have completed all required fields, to include the necessary credit/debit information.  Shipping and handling charges for regular delivery in the continental United States will be automatically calculated and displayed along with your grand total.

13.  Click on Submit Order to process your order or go to the top of your screen and click on Back if you wish to edit or change any part of your order.

      14. Congratulations! You have successfully placed your order of 5 A Day materials with the Produce for
            Better Health Foundation. You will automatically be returned to our home page upon submission of your order.



On your way out the door? Take along some healthy 5 A Day snacks like celery sticks, an apple, a banana, or a box of 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice.